Learn to sail with sailors who love to sail. If you would like to discover sailing, enjoy sailing more, or learn to sail, in a non school environment, Sail Amelia can help. The best way is to learn to sail is to become familiar with a boat. How the sailboat is laid out and how it really works. Whether you dream of living on a sailboat or becoming a weekend warrior at local sailing regattas we can help you gain and improve the skills you need. You may have completed a course or two at a sailing school, now you want to practice outside of a training environment, Sail Amelia can help there too!

Learn Spinnaker Flying

Learning to Fly a Spinnaker

Spinnaker Flying

Are you terrified of flying a spinnaker and want to learn how to fly it comfortably, let us help you. We have raced large boats in large seas with big winds and big spinnakers, and mostly stayed upright! We can show you how its done. Maybe you would like to practice man-over-board procedures or simply improve the efficiency of your tacks. We can practice all these skills while on your charter. Maybe you just want to see what it feels like to take the helm and make the boat go where you want. Sailing, in many respects is a series of simple mechanics, once you master those, your sailing will improve and be more stress free!

Let us know what you’d like to practice and we will help improve your skills.

Amelia Island Sailing, Learn to Sail, Learn to Race

Spinnaker flying in 30kts + of wind. St.Johns – Fernandina Beach


Racing a sail boat is one of the best ways to improve your sailing skills. There are a number of local races which you could take part. Some are inshore, others offshore. The NE Florida Cruising Club and First Coast Sailing Assoc also hold offshore races in which you can participate. If you would like to take part in a local sailing race and learn more about sailing and racing a sail boat let us know and we will see when the next race is happening and build a program for you.

Sailboat racing Amelia Island sailboat racing Amelia Island Sailboat racing Amelia Island Sailboat racing Amelia Island  Sailboat racing Amelia Island

Learning and racing is a minimum of a 4 hour charter.

Team Building

Racing a sailboat is also an excellent team building exercise. If you have a team that you would like to grow, think of sailing as a great solution. Every winning sailboat crew are a dynamic team. Trust us, sailing is a fine way in which to build strong relationship bonds within a team.

Learn Sail Trim Fernandina Beach Amelia Island

Select Multi Day Regattas

Racing sailboats is a passion. In addition to day chartering we will also be offering berths on selected Yacht Races. For example  these could be; the Newport – Bermuda, Marion – Bermuda, Miami – Cuba, Key West – Cuba, St. Petersburg – Isla de ja Muhares, Charleston Race Week, St. Augustine Race Week, Key West. Please let us know if you would like to put your name down for a yacht race.

Crew selected for these races will have completed some sail training programs such as ASA, US Sail or have references as competent crew from other racing sailboat captains. Training will be provided to get you up to speed as a crew on our boat as part of the package. These will be minimum requirements!
The boat will be delivered to the venue and fully kitted out for racing, meeting all the safety requirements of the race organizers.

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