Our Boat

Fin is a J40 sail boat. As the name implies she is 40ft in length. 40ft means there is lots of room to sit and relax. Whether you want to sit under the shade of the bimini or enjoy the Florida sun there is a place for you. J Boats is the manufacturer, known for great performance oriented cruisers and raceboats. Fin is a cruiser.

SV Fin has 2 heads (or bathrooms) down below as well as comfortable seating. She has a fridge and freezer to keep your drinks cold as well as a stove to make coffee and an oven should you feel the urge to bake some cookies. There is ample room below to relax and have lunch around the table, or to sit outside in the cockpit area.

Off the stern (back) of the boat is a swim ladder if you choose to take a dip in the sound or ocean. She is fully equipped with all safety equipment such as life jackets, flares, emergency position reporting beacon (EPIRB), radio, VHF and SSB.

SV Fin J40 interior Sail Amelia Relax j40_logo j40_layout_drawing j40_layout_deck