Following your passion on the water, improve your skills and gain confidence on the water with our Woman on the Water basics course!

The course is taught by a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain to help you build the confidence you need to enjoy a day on a sailboat without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

We know, all the terms and words can be quite confusing!

“Pull the babrber hauler NOW!”
“Release the Vang, NOW!!”
“It’s NOT a rope!”

We will spend an hour or so at the dock on the boat identifying and learning the names of the parts and then launch off to the sound to put it all into action. Then on returning we’ll learn how to dock the boat safely. We know this can be a challenge and a little terrifying!

Then we’ll celebrate.

As an idea of curriculum we are looking at:
– Rules of the Road (Water)
– Safety
– Terminology
– Sailing
– Points of Sail
– Sail trim
– Docking
– Line Handling
– Knot tying
– Hands on experience around the boat

Come on out for a fun morning or afternoon. Bring a friend…

Making this an easy decision: $ 99.95 for two to three hours on the water.

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